Initial trail plan

Initial trail plan

I’ve never hiked in real mountain environment … but the hills are easy rise, right? I made my first iteration of the trail plan. This plan will most likely change, but the initial destination will be Urho Kekkonen national park’s so called remote zone.

At the remote zone there is a better coverage of Finnish everyman’s rights, for example meaning that making fire is allowed also in other then marked places (of course you need to cover your tracks, and leave the nature to same condition as it was).

Here is a picture of the area I’m planning to go:

Image caption of Urho Kekkonen national park’s map

The winter hike trail plan

So far the plan is to spend 3 or 4 nights in UKK. In the picture below purple line indicates the route for 3 nights trip, blue lines indicate the 4 nights trip.
Hike length per day in kilometers are roughly as follows:

  • Day 1: 8km
  • Day 2: 7km
  • Day 3: 11km
  • Day 4: 7km
  • Day 5: 7km
Marked route on UKK’s map

These days sum up to 40 kilometers. Judging from the map I looks like most of the trip is quite moderate elevation change, except the last two days which will be heavier climbs. First three days I have an option to either follow the river or rise a little higher to the mountain and admire the view. Well I have no idea about the view but I suppose this elevation should be above tree line, if not then the river bank it is.

To further improve this plan I need to figure out how fast it is to walk with snow shoes in similar environment. Some say if you compare winter speed to spring speed, you should prepare to be four times slower. This is what I’m going to put in test next!

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