First time winter hiking,  3-5 day trip – alone.

Hiking Nordic - winter hike views Photo credits to Taneli Lahtinen.

What is Hiking Nordic (and me) all about?

March/April 2019, one of the biggest and iconic National Park in Finland: Urho Kekkosen Kansallispuisto (UKK).

I’ve hiked and spend time in national parks for the last couple of years, acquired some gear and learned the basics. But that all I’ve done when there is no snow, nor even close to -20 degrees celsius temperatures. Let’s be honest, if you can stand the bugs (I can’t), camping and hiking are quite straight forward. And if everything goes south, you pretty much only need to worry about drinking water and you’ll get out of the woods alive.

Even a thought about getting my gear soaking wet (and freezing), loosing fire making equipment, not making it to a shelter before sun set, navigating without clear land marks, etc. scares me. I can see myself making my way fine for a day or two, but relying only to your self for extended periods of time makes me feel very uncomfortable.

Further I plan this trip the clearer it becomes that I have plenty of research and testing to be done before I can let myself to hike in UKK during winter temperatures.

Please join me to my exploration of the necessary skills, equipment, and planning to make it out alive from my winter hiking journey.

  • FAQ is where I gather all the different questions I don’t know answers to. This page serves as a table of content for my blog.
  • Operation winter hike -page is where I update my current plan for the hike. This page evolves as we go and I will update it every time I’ve made a decision about the actual trip. Most likely the plan will come together while I do test hikes and test the techniques, equipment etc.

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