What to know about winter and tents

What to know about winter and tents

I thought spending a night in a tent during winter is somehow hard, mystical. Most of my nights outside I’ve spent in a hammock or a tarp shelter, and not having experience with tents made winter nights in tents even more far-fetched idea.

Guess what, it’s even easier! Of course, you need to keep yourself warm, but that is all winter gear (and avoiding moisture(sweat)). What I’ve been worried about is condensation: I haven’t spent a night in a tent without condensation causing waterdrops in the tents inner surface.

Why are nights in a tent easier in winter?

Sometimes you need to experience/see things yourself before you learn what is up. It turns out, condensation still happens during winter, but it freezes. That is amazing!

Temperatures are staying well under 0 degrees Celsius all the time, so you don’t even have to dry your tent during lunch breaks (or whenever there is some dry wind). Now the tent will stay nice on frozen in your back bag while you hike from A to B, and then you’ll pitch your frozen tent and spend a night in it!

Tent size during winter hikes

I have a Fjällräven Abisko shape 2 tent. It is a very compact, lightweight, and I like it. I found out when I stayed overnight with only some of the winter gear on that Abisko shape is not very roomy tent if you need to deal with more layers on clothing.

So there’s some motivation to achieve bonuses from work. I may have my eyes on Fjällräven Keb endurance or Hilleberg Nammatj 2GT…

Polar sleeping bag in a test

Keeping water from freezing during night

I had no doubts about this, but decided to report it anyhow: taking a bottle into a sleeping bag is a fine way to keep water from freezing.

I got a Hydro Flask’s insulated water bottle as a Christmas present, as I broke my earlier plastic bottle while hiking. The bottle didn’t leak a single drop and water was still nice and warm in the morning.

The only thing I wasn’t too happy about was the space inside the sleeping bag. I usually sleep hands behind my head or in some other spacious pose, and in already tight space I felt like the bottle was getting into my way at times. Other than that, it worked fine!


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