Winter hiking gear list and weights

Winter hiking gear list and weights

I’ve tried to avoid posting a gear list as I’ve never been a big fan of buying the lightest gear and optimising every gram what you carry while hiking. To be exact when I started spending more time in the wilderness, I mostly bought military surplus gears which weren’t light – but bomb proof.

Still, over time, I’ve upgraded my gear, which has lightened the weight drastically. After lot’s of testing and finding the best suitable gear for me, I think I’m in a great place with my hiking kit. But before my last blog post, I had never thought gear weight could be an issue. I mean, packing size has been an issue, usability and even durability, but never the weight. (Also, I stumbled on another need to know my gears weight when I was looking for flight tickets to get to Lapland.)

A Jalas Phantom boot
A Jalas Phantom boot

All together my gear weights 21 432 grams without water, food, or more than one fuel bottle for my stove. Also, I left out the snowshoes as I’ll be wearing them pretty. Much all the time while carrying the rucksack – and same goes for a large portion of those clothes. I’ll wear between 3-4,5 kilos on me, so the back bag’s weight will be around 18 kilos. Socks I haven’t decided upon yet, and calculations are missing extra base layers, but I would round up the rucksack roughly to that 18 000 gram mark.

It’s worth mentioning that I’m 190 cm tall. That means I have to have long-versions of nearly of my gear: sleeping pad, sleeping bag, all the clothes, etc. It’s not a big deal but does add some weight throughout my gears (Also Jalas Phantom boots are light, but my shoe size is on the bigger end: EU46).

So here we go, this is the current list of my gear I’m going to take with me:

My list of sleeping and eating gears for winter hiking/expeditions:

RucksagSavotta Jääkäri XL3700 gCan withstand an explosion and is great to carry.
SnowshoesSymbioz Access Snowshoe L2020 g 
TentHilleberg Nammatj 22730 gWow. So that happened. I sold my Abisko Shape and got this glorious tent to replace it with! I’m sure going to post a review, just let me go do some winter camping…
Tent snow pecksHelsport Snow/Sand pecks (10 pcs)582 g 
StovePrimus Omnifuel Ti230 g / 840 g840 g is weight with pump and 300 g of fuel. Omnifuel does make a sound but damn it’s effective and reliable.
Extra fuel bottlesPrimus fuel bottle 600ml144 g 
Cooking equipmentPrimus essential pot set640 g 
Sleeping bagFjällräven Polar -20 Long1700 gErr, yeah I have it. It’s an over kill by every measure but it is the first sleeping bag I’ve really learned to love.
Sleeping padTherm-a-Rest NeoAir XthermMAX SV Large740 gI salute you Therm-a-Rest, thank you for making this product.
PillowCocoon Air-Core Travel Pillow188g 
Eating equipmentMil-Tec Lusikka-Haarukka80 gVery effective in helping to transfer food to energy.
Eating equipmentA memory from those times… SA mugClassifiedThis mug served me and my country well.
Insulated bottleHydro Flask Wide mouth 946ml440 gWide mouth is great as it fits to water cleaning filter I have! (For Summer trips)

My clothing layers for winter expeditions:

Base Layer L1Särmä TST L1 Boxers109 g 
Base Layer L1Särmä TST L1 Long johns, merino wool165 g 
Base Layer L1Särmä TST L1 Long Sleeve Shirt, merino wool194 g 
Mid Layer L2Särmä TST L2 Turtle Neck shirt Long, merino wool290 g 
Mid Layer L2Savotta Micro-Fleece Shirt209 g 
Mid Layer L2Savotta Micro-Fleece Long Johns204 g 
Insulation Layer L3Särmä TST L3 Loft Jacket405 g 
Insulation Layer L3Särmä TST L3 Loft Throusers370 g 
Work Layer L4Fjällräven Keb Jacket820 gI’ve learned to love Keb gear. No matter am I in city or forest, I use the jacket all the time.
Work Layer L4Fjällräven Keb Throusers625 gI use these throusers in all conditions while hiking, hot or cold – they get the job done.
Warmth Layer L5Fjällräven Expedition Down light Jacket1060 gPack size to warmth ration = 1000000000.00
Shell Layer L6Fjällräven Keb Eco-Shell Jacket570 gI once had a bad shell layer and I’ve never swetted that much in my life. Never again thanks to these.
Shell Layer L6Fjällräven Keb Eco-Shell Throusers660 g 

My foot wear for winter expeditions:

L1Not decided yetx g 
L2Not decided yetx g 
L5Not decided yetx g 
BootsJalas Fantom Drylock1622 g 
GaitersTrekmates Cairgorm GTX226 g 

My gloves for winter expeditions:

L1Särmä TST Liner gloves, merino wool30 gI actually don’t own these yet but I’ve heard great things about them!
Work layer L4Hestra CZone Contact Pickup150 gWaterproof gloves are god like when temperatures are getting closer to 0 celsius.
L4Hestra Work gloves120 g 
L5USAF Leather Mittens B-3 Repro182 gNo idea of the weight, but amazingly warm.

My head wear for winter expeditions:

L1 BalaclavaSärmä TST L1 Balaclava, merino wool45 g 
L1Random Amazon Neoprene Balaclava110 g 
L1Savotta Fleece Bandana14 g 
L1Särmä commando cap, merino wool79 g 
L2Särmä Merino watch cap108 g 
L3Winter hat (heater), some random manufacturer140 g 

And some utilities for winter expeditions:

AxeFiskars X101076 g 
KnifeBark River Buscrafter II334 gMy go-to knife. I just don’t go to woods without this. I’be got a fire-steel attached to the knife sheat. Fire follows me where ever I go!
Snow shovelNo idea of the brand595 g 
Tent lampBlack Diamond Moji122 g 
LampFenix uc35 v2.089 g / 137 gLet there be light. This sends a lightbeam from Helsinki to Nort Pole. Weights are without / with battery.
HeadlampLedlenser MH492 gI got this as Christmas present. Insanely powerfull headlamp!
WarmthSavotta Hand warmers 3x277 g 
Hand sawSavotta Pocket saw147 g 
InsulationSeat Pad (Partioaitta brand)21 g 
Rucksag Rain CoverSavotta Rain Cover XL172 g 
TovelMil-Tec Micro tovel148 g 
Blausibles PouchMy own selection of necessary things1091 gThis pouch includes a compass, emergency kit, survival planket, toilet paper, tooth brush and paste, knife sharpener, paracord, Gorilla Tape, extra batteries and cleaning wipes.
Savotta Micro-fleece Package.

EDIT: I bought a new tent. Weight and tent name updated.

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